What to do when you’re unemployed and bored

I’ve been a “bum” for nearly a month now (and was for 2 months in October/November), and I can’t put into words how monotonous it can get, so I thought I might use some of this time to help people in my nasty position! I exclude lazy bastards who just can’t be arsed though. I had to leave college over health issues (which I might blog about in future), which was not CBA syndrome! But it is an evil disease. 

1. Apply for jobs

Yep, the best thing you can do is actually get off your arse. The first week or so isn’t bad because you’re catching up on sleep and just generally chilling about, something you miss if you’re out enough, but after that it gets depressing. You sit there dwelling on how bored you are and how annoying it is trying to find jobs in your area. Before I searched for an apprenticeship in Wigan and got one in London! Anyway, I’m not talking about applying for one job a week. Get off your arse and go out, give CVs out, apply online and especially try career fairs. They tell you what options you have. 

2. Avoid daytime TV unless you want to suffer

That’s one thing I didn’t miss when I was at school/work. The Chase, Tipping Point, Daybreak, I could go on. The only show that isn’t migraine-inducing that’s on before say 7pm is Loose Women! Think of having to spend every day watching these shows all day, at the same time. That should motivate you. 

3. Get talking to people

And not paedos on Facebook either. Your mates, family, whoever, just don’t sit about on your own all day because that makes it worse. There’s only so much raving about in your bed that you can do before people think you have issues. 

4. Don’t fag out

Avoid anything to do with Facebook fame. That will make you a member of society that would be burned if it was about 70 years ago. 

5. Find a hobby or go to the gym

That way you’ll benefit because you won’t be a fat fucker and you’ll keep your mind busy! Plus getting exercise would help you run away from every celebrity who’s being labeled as a sex offender lately. If you’re artistic get on that!

I hope this post helps, especially if your only talent is lighting your farts! We’re all in this shit heap together! 




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