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Boston bombings, black comedy and a little rant

So a couple hours ago I heard about the bombings at Boston Marathon and I can’t even put into words how genuinely upset about it I am. I have no idea what enters these fucktards’ minds who decide to do anything destructive that affects others, never mind terrorism. My thoughts go out to everybody affected. Anyway hearing about this made me want to give a little bit of my opinion about stuff like this in general. I’m not a politician and tbh I hate politics because they’re corrupt little… nobheads so don’t go all whiney to me like “ohh wah wah she doesn’t know much so she’s not allowed an opinion!! :'(((((((” shut it fagface!

I’ll start on something really controversial about things like this. Now when I hear about something big in the news my first instinct is “SICKIPEDIA” but some people misinterpret why people use black comedy. Me, I don’t use it to offend; I use it to cope, and so do most people who use it and in fact that’s how it came about. If we didn’t have comedy we’d all have depression or something. And a misconception about people who use black comedy is that they’re all insensitive and are trying to get attention. Some might be, but a lot of us are just doing it to get by. So much horrible stuff goes on in the world, especially now and it’s just a way of getting through it. Comedy brings people together even for a few seconds and to me that helps with the way we are a massive team.

I’m only 16 so I shouldn’t really be focusing on this kind of stuff but it’s hard not to when everything around you is war, hate, money and politics. Get rid of them! I don’t even understand why the military do what they do, like, I think they’re in the wrong job. I think they should exist but only for protecting people when things like the bombings or serious outbreaks happen, not going to war, because war to me is just innocent people dying because grown adults can’t work things out for themselves. Speaking of which Kim Jong Un is an annoying cocky fat fucker who needs to be wiped off the face of the Earth. The man’s got the same hair as Joey Essex ffs! I don’t really want to hear on my last breaths “don’t be jel, be reem”!

I don’t understand why the world’s so divided. I meanĀ I’m fascinated by different cultures but why are we so against each other and causing all this damage when all we have to do is man up and at least work something out?

Speaking of destruction, I saw a picture the other day with a paragraph explaining how a tribe’s habitat had been destroyed because some moron wanted some big corporate buildings there or something, will we have anything left at all? And these fucking idiots are wondering why we’re all in so much danger!

I’m still practically a kid and I think I could change the world better than all these twats can do! Anyway it’s happened again, a topical blog post has just turned into a stupid rant. I hope everything in Boston is sorted out because it kills me knowing innocent people have died because of some dickheads throwing their toys.

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